The Vision

      Twenty-five LCC New Church Plants by 2025

The Strategy

  • Seek – God’s heart for 25 strategic locations in various nations for the new church plants.
  • Train – 50+ anointed and called church-planting pastors.
  • Send – the church planters out in teams of two to establish the new churches.
  • Support – Assist the team members financially during the initial startup. (After two to three years we would like to see the local church take on the majority of the pastor’s support.)
  • Multiply – Within five years, each new plant should seek to participate in planting another church in their region.

The Process

  • Form a team to send to each city where a church will be planted.
  • Each new church-planting team will begin by praying for the city where they will initiate their ministry.
  • Begin the process of raising the designated portion of their financial support.
  • Once they are settled and ready to begin their ministry, they will start building relationships with men and women of peace.
  • Establish Alpha courses, Connection groups, and begin reaching out through lifestyle evangelism.
  • Select new potential leaders that will commit to a Biblical discipleship relationship. Begin the process of intentional life-on-life discipling relationships.
  • After establishing eight to ten healthy small groups, building a base of spiritual leaders, and the ministry is averaging seventy to eighty faithful people, the team can begin the process of locating a facility where they can hold weekly worship services, trainings, etc.
  • Within five years of establishing the new church plant, the leadership team of the church will participate in planting another congregation in a nearby city.

Qualifications for LCC Church Planters

Each team member must

  • Demonstrate that they are born again, Spirit-filled, and that they are seeking to live a life committed to the fulfillment of God’s purpose.
  • Be an active member of an LCC congregation, serving faithfully within that congregation, and personally submitted to a healthy discipling relationship.
  • Be a willing student of God’s Word and one who is humbly growing and conforming to Him as they learn.
  • Successfully complete the LCC leadership development track (IDT) and the church planters training courses within the LCC Bible Institute.
  • Show that they have a calling to pastoral ministry, have the necessary gifts and talents for pioneering a new church plant, and exhibit an ability to work as a team member.
  • Meet the necessary Biblical qualifications for pastoral ordination (1 Tim. 3 and Titus 1), and be ordained as a pastor by the LCMI Executive Presbyter Team.
  • Agree to submit to the vision and strategy of multiplication through discipleship.
  • Use the LCC preaching guides, LG materials, and follow the LCC training track (IDT) for developing healthy disciples.
  • Clearly understand that the role of the church planter is to win, connect, train, and send others who will also be committed to the fulfillment of the Great Commandment (by loving God and others), and the fulfillment of the Great Commission (through the multiplication of disciples).
  • Walk in integrity, promote unity within the Body of Christ and the LCMI family at large, and strive to please the Lord in all areas of their life and ministry.
  • Commit to a minimum of five years of ministry at the new church plant.
  • Participate in raising a portion of their personal support for the first few years of the establishment of the new church.
  • Work in harmony with the LCMI leadership, and submit to their guidance and mentorship as they walk in obedience to the Lord.
  • Report regularly to the LCMI Executive Presbyter team and their assigned pastoral mentor.

LCMI Executive Presbyter’s Action Steps

  • Pray and begin the process of identifying the twenty-five key cities for the church plants.
  • Identify, ordain, and commission the individuals that God has called and equipped to birth a new church.
  • Initiate an application process for the individuals who desire to be a part of one of the church planting teams.
  • Establish a support fund to assist in the financial support of the church planters. (Each church planter will need to raise a portion of their support from friends, family, a part-time job, etc.)
  • Develop the training courses (in conjunction with LCC Bible Institute) for those who will be sent to plant the churches.
  • Create an international leadership team of proven church planters that will assist in the mentorship and encouragement of our LCC teams.
  • Put in place an intercessory prayer team that will be dedicated to the following:

    1. Praying regularly for each of the church planters.
    2. Praying for the key cities where the churches will be planted.
    3. Encouraging and spiritually supporting the teams.
    4. Building a spiritual hedge of protection around the leaders, their families, and their ministries.
    5. Doing listening prayer for the pastors and their ministries.
  • Setting the timeline for the establishment of each new church plant. Making sure that we are ready and the pastors are properly prepared before we send them out.
  • Sending the Church Planting teams to the field when they are prepared to go.
  • Stay tightly connected to the church planters through on going mentorship, counsel, training, spiritual support, prayer, and regular visits to their field of ministry. Use social media, Viber, Zoom, etc. and other forms of online communication to speak regularly with the pastors and leaders.