Life Connection Ministry International 
Life Connection Church

Life Connection Ministry International, Inc. is a legally registered non-profit organization in the United States of America, London, and the Philippines.  For spiritual covering we are also a member of The Full Gospel Fellowship of Churches and Ministers International.  This organization provides the following benefits for its members:

  1. Covering – Providing a 501c3 IRS governmental recognition for non-profit Christian churches and organizations
  2. Resourcing – Providing assets and information for effective operation of ministry
  3. Networking – The exchange of information or services among individuals, groups, or institutions — specifically the cultivation of productive relationships for advancing the Kingdom of God.
  • Forming connections and contacts through informal social meetings.
  • The informal sharing of information and services among individuals or groups linked by a common interest.
  1. Mentoring – Providing personal developmental relationships in which a more experienced or more knowledgeable person helps to guide a less experienced or less knowledgeable person.  They are supplying ongoing learning, dialogue, and challenge for the individuals and churches that need such assistance.

Who We Are?

  • Life Connection Church is a Christ-centered, Bible-based, multicultural, and multi-congregational Christian Church in the Middle East and other key locations around the globe.
  • We live for the glorification of Christ, the edification of the church, and service to our community. We are one organization.
  • While united around theology, vision, strategy, and values, each congregation has a very real opportunity to customize ministry to its particular context with its particular leadership.

How Do We Operate?

  • Each local congregation has a primary pastor and its own leadership that shepherds the congregation, oversees its ministry, develops its budget, carries out discipline, and leads the mission in its community.  While these leaders care deeply about the overall vision of Life Connection Church, their authority and oversight extends only to the congregation they are leading.
  • There is also an LCMI executive presbyter team that oversees the churches and the ministry as a whole and makes decisions that impacts all congregations.  This team consists of the Bishop and President of LCMI, the LCC senior pastor, lead pastor, and up to five other LCC primary pastors and/or country directors at large.
  • The executive presbyter team is not focused on congregation specific issues (i.e. what music to play, how to get more connection groups in Kuwait, etc.), but is focused on Life Connection issues as a whole.  These include policy, vision, acquiring property, and planting new churches or congregations, etc.

Is there a leader of leaders?  

Yes. Pastor Tim Dailey is currently the President and Bishop of LCMI, Pastor Allan Dytianquin is the Senior Pastor of Life Connection Church and the Vice President of LCMI. Pastor Tim and Pastor Allan are pastors to the pastors, often visiting different congregations, leading the Presbyter Team, and forging relationships and partnerships between LCMI and outside organizations. This is only possible because they are humble, trustworthy, and highly relational. They have demonstrated that they have apostolic gifting which allows other gifted leaders to follow and trust them.  

How does preaching work?  

Each congregation has regular live preaching, overseen by the congregation’s primary pastor. Most of the time each congregation is preaching on the same biblical text or topic. This allows the preachers to study in advance and share resources. It also builds unity across our congregations, as everybody is studying the same text. When necessary, the primary pastor has the freedom to set the scheduled sermon aside and address an issue he deems important.  

How much unity is there? How much freedom?

  1. Centralized—things done the same way, overseen by a centralized department.  Right now, this category includes vision, strategy, finance, accounting, HR, facility, maintenance, media and communications, and outward-focused ministries.
  1. Unified—things done the same way, overseen by the local leadership. Right now, this category includes connection groups, preaching, training classes, leadership development, church discipline, and benevolence.
  1. Decentralized—things done in different ways, overseen by local leadership.  Right now, many things are decentralized, including kids, students, worship, assimilation, specialized ministries, etc.

How does it actually make everyone better?  

We don’t have a comprehensive list, but…

  • Primary pastors are better because they have a team of others in the same role who are supporting and encouraging them.
  • Preachers are better because they sharpen each other and share ideas regularly.
  • Members are better because they have more places to invite friends and co-workers who live in other parts of town, or in other countries.
  • Each congregation is strengthened by the overall reputation of LCMI.
  • Church planters are better because they don’t have to reinvent the wheel (especially with admin), and they have the support and strength of a movement behind them.
  • Newer congregations are better because financing is available that wouldn’t be available if they were on their own.